Fluxible 2013 Workshop

The Fluxible 2013 conference in September in Kitchener, Ontario was a great experience — both as a speaker and as an attendee. Among the many highlights, it was interesting to see a couple of themes emerge around affecting cultural change and following your passion (and get paid).

A couple of the presentations available on slideshare.net that relate to these themes are:

Designing for Love and Money presented by Larry Cornett

Make Culture Not War: The Secret to Great Teams & Organizations presented by Teresa Brazen.

Josh Seiden, the co-author of Lean UX:  Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience was also there to talk about User Experience in a Rapidly Changing World. You can see a similar presentation that he presented at UX Strat 2013 entitled Lean UX + UX Strat.

It was fun as well as confirming to see similar themes in both in Teresa’s and Josh’s talks to the workshop that Adam Arch and I gave on Advancing UX in Your Organization. And it was a pleasure to have Teresa attend our workshop and share her feedback with us at the end. You can check our the slides from the workshop on slideshare.net or inline below.

If you get a chance to attend a future Fluxible conference, don’t hesitate. Mark Connolly, Bob Barlow-Busch and the multi-talented “Team Fluxible” have put on an outstanding and very warm event for two years running and I’m confident they will continue.

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