The original Toronto UX Book Club wish list revisited

When the Toronto UX Book Club was formed back in March 2009, we put together a wish list of reads. Hardly comprehensive, but inspired nonetheless by the evening and the potential ahead.

With that evening’s momentum as fuel, I was motivated to post the selections to the wiki the book club had at the time, but somehow along the way that wiki link got lost and most of us forgot about it. We’ve since read a number of books, with no direct influence from that original list. However, it often comes up at our book review meetings this kind of wistful lament for seeing that original list. Well, it seems Google’s recall is better than most of ours and a quick search revealed our old wiki page in no time.

For those future laments, and perhaps as inspiration for an expanded more comprehensive list, here it is:

(And our group forum is now on Google Groups at!forum/uxbcto)

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