This page features projects and design examples that I have been involved in or led, and is limited to those that may be shared publicly.

Integrated Model for Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain as a Media System
Poster (48″ x 62″)
August 2015

IndieStudy_Bitcoin-Blockchain-Poster_KPeter-MSchausThis poster shows the use of a novel research framework for understanding the societal impacts of a technology at different levels of a system. Applying Marshall and Eric McCluhan’s Laws of Media tetrad and Lance Gunderson and C.S. Holling’s Panarchy as an integrated foresight model, the research explored the future of economic exchange and of our financial systems in co-evolution with these revolutionary innovations.

LAWS OF MEDIA TETRAD (left side of poster)
Applied to bitcoin currency and technology. On the left side of the poster, the graphics depict various societal effects of Bitcoin, and the underlying blockchain technology, mapped into McLuhan’s media tetrad and prioritized by their impact and importance through three different lenses: The Real Economy, Financial Services, and National Currency.

TETRAD AS PANARCHY (right side of poster)
Concepts and trends in bitcoin currency and technology considered within Panarchy model for complex adaptive systems. On the right side of the poster, the images represent the key outcome of the research: an integrated model that brings together the tetrad with the panarchy model of adaptive change by flipping the left side tetrad quadrants of Enhances and Retrieves. The quadrants are labeled as seasons—the transition points from one quadrant to another as solstice and equinox—for the purpose of evoking the shared experiences of these liminal events in the context of technological impact.

See the blog about this project: A Collaborative Research Project in Understanding Bitcoin Currency and Blockchain Technology as a Media System.


Trade, Currency, Value and Debt
Gigamap poster (48″ x 60″)
April 2015

SFIN 6B04 - GIGAMAP - Trade-Currency-Value-Debt - ap-kp-lr-ms - final

In this collaborative Gigamap project with Adrienne Pacini, Lorraine Randel and Michael Schaus, the team set out to research, declare a scope of interest, and design a Gigamap to represent aspects of a social system. We focused on the related concepts of trade, currency, value and debt. The resulting Gigamap and presentation proved to be an effective way of describing some of the functional shifts of money over time from barter (starting in the lower left of the map and moving counter clockwise), to gold, to convertible fiat, to fiat 2.0, to alternative forms of currency with a highlight on cryptocurrency (in the bottom centre of the map).

This project inspired Michael Schaus and I to further investigate cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology, which led to the project captured in the blog, A Collaborative Research Project in Understanding Bitcoin Currency and Blockchain Technology as a Media System and the poster shown about entitled “Integrated Model for Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain as a Media System”.


Getting Physical With Data
Data visualization with string representing the Percentage of Population of Internet Users Per Country based on the height of the height of workshop participants
February 2015

This physical string-based data visualization was created as part of a workshop led by Karin von Ompteda. Our team of four took the percentages of population of Internet users per country and mapped them to the heights of the participants in the workshop. The range was from around 7 feet tall for Norway at 95% of the population to 5 feet for India at 5% of the population. The data set used in the workshop was several years old and represented only 16 countries. A more current similar data set representing 185 countries can be found at Internet Live Stats.